Tuesday, 9 October 2012

so here is my latest work in progress, my foe-render.

here he is partially base-coated and yes the right arm is missing as I prefer to paint the shields separate from the body until the painting is complete.

 I have tried several types of brushes including the Javis range and Citadel brushes but recently purchased some brushes from Army Painter and was well impressed with the quality of the bristle and the sturdiness of the ferrules.

The insane detail brush is superb for painting the eyes so this brush has now been set aside purely for this task. The basecoat for the flesh is Bugman's Glow and the fur is basecoated with Mournfang Brown.

I selected the colour scheme from watching an excellent tutorial video by Warboss Tae on youtube and would thoroughly recommend that you subscribe to his channel.

Below is the link to his painting tutorial

I do not claim to be the quickest painter around as I am not into speed painting so I prefer to be patient and take some time for the finer details, further pictures will be added as this figure progresses over the next couple of days.

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