Thursday, 11 October 2012

Yeah, foe render is complete, highlighted the flesh with cadian fleshtone and the fur was highlighted with xv-88. Lot of detail on the face of this model so took a little longer. Tip of the day, basecoat the face then paint the eyes, any errors can be quickly covered over with another basecoat of flesh colour making life easy !
 I also changed the colour scheme for the bone and horns, basecoat Rakarth flesh, wash with Sepia and then highlighted with bleached bone followed by another Sepia wash.

The basing is still basic but I intend to upgrade the quality once the core units are complete and I move onto the other models.

Going to leave the standard bearer until the rest of the Gor have been completed as I cannot make my mind up about the banner design, free hand painting for the first time as well, bit nerve wracking :)

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